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Something I Am Now Considering I Never Have Before

Lately, I have been thinking that I want Sofía to come to her brothers birth. I never EVER thought I would even consider this. But I suddenly started to want it.

Overall, I think it would be very special and magical to have her present when her brother is born, in the same peaceful spa-like room she was born in!

Plus, we only go to the birth center for active labor and head back home quick. With her birth, we were out of the house for just 7h total. So it won’t be too long. And, I never needed my husband during labor, I was in my own bubble, independently dealing with everything, and I wouldn’t mind them both sleeping in the big bed (if it’s nighttime) while I’m in the tub, or them going out and playing (if it’s daytime) and they need to.

Obviously, a water birth, in that calm environment, with an easy walk in & out open setting, having lived it with my previous experience, it’s just easier to imagine having her around.

Since I started thinking about this, I talked to Sofia about it and even showed her some water births and she is CONSTANTLY asking to see more, and is mesmerized at the babies coming.

I can understand other kids her age (she will be 2.5 years old in June) maybe wouldn’t be interested, but I feel like SHE is, and is naturally nurturing and fascinated with the whole thing. Knowing my kid, it makes me easier to lean towards.

Finally, although June is far away, and we will have gone through the peak, leaving her with someone else (even if it’s a friend) just for a few hours isn’t worth the potential exposure, especially during such a delicate time. I rather it just be us three.

Again, I don’t know when it’ll happen, or how. So I will go with the flow and see. I can always have a friend come pick her up if needed. That’s no problem. But I’m staring to really picture having her there with us. And it makes me even more excited for it than I even was before!


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