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The Supplements I Take While Pregnant And Why

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

A topic that I get asked on a daily basis, so here are the daily natural supplements I take through pregnancy & why. But please always always always CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR MIDWIFE before taking anything.

1. A prenatal. I take Ritual since pre-conception to ​help​ prepare your body for pregnancy + ​help support​ my baby's development now. Code Gimbert10 for 10% off their subscription

WHY: They have 12 essential nutrients for your body & baby, before and during pregnancy. They contain ​the​ methylate​d​ form of folate, when most prenatals ​I've seen​ use folic acid, a synthetic form, which ​a​ 40% of woman can't even absorb! They are vegan, non-gmo, gluten and allergen-free. With no fillers, colorants, ​or​ shady additives​​. All of their ingredients are high quality AND transparently sourced. And they have a delayed-release, no-nausea capsule design with a lemon tab that keeps it fresh and scented, which makes it more enjoyable and even easy to take on an empty stomach!


2. A Vitamin D. I take this one linked here.

WHY: Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy plays an important role in bone metabolism through regulation of calcium and phosphate equilibrium. It also reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia, low birth weight and preterm birth. Our levels of Vitamin D required through pregnancy AND breastfeeding are much higher, and therefor, more important to take a Vitamin D supplement now more than ever. Because it is SO hard to get Vitamin D through foods, and being exposed to enough direct sunlight daily to meet the requirements is also hard with our busy schedules. It is key to bone development, and may have long lasting effects on a child's future.


3. A Probiotic. I take SEED code LAURA15 for 15% off. Its a pre & probiotic and the best in the market!

WHY: It replenishes beneficial bacteria and delivers probiotic-created vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics as well as protein-digesting enzymes. This is especially important through pregnancy as we experience hormonal fluctuations that can quickly disrupt the pH balance of the vaginal environment. It also helps keep our immune system strong and help your digestive system work more efficiently. helping your intestines move food along and reducing bad bacteria help reduce the likelihood of experiencing health complications.


4. A Fish Oil. I take this one linked here with concentrated Omega-3 (including DHA and EPA) Burpless Fish Oil, mercury free! Each serving delivers concentrated EPA and DHA in true triglyceride for optimal absorption, 1280 mg of omega-3s per serving, more than other products in the market. Non-GMO ingredients, gluten- and dairy-free with no artificial colors or preservatives, crafted from wild-caught, omega-rich fish from the freshest catch to create quality.

WHY: Adding EPA and DHA to the diet of pregnant women has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of the baby. A higher consumption of omega-3s may reduce the risk of allergies in infants & have positive effects on the pregnancy itself. It also has been shown to support healthy glucose levels, and help the body's ability to respond to stress, and support a healthy heart.


5. Magnesium. I take this one linked here, a scoop of powder mixed with cold water or my warm tea, every night before bed.

WHY: A daily magnesium intake during pregnancy is very beneficial as it may reduce the risk of complications like fetal growth restriction and preterm birth. It's also great to improve deep and better sleep, fight depression, anxiety and stress. It has benefits against Type 2 Diabetes, it can lower blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory benefits, can help prevent migraines, relax muscles, and improve calcium balance.


6. Iron. I take this one linked here that is plant based and liquid, easier for my body to absorb Shop

WHY:  To prepare to replenish the iron you lose during childbirth. And to keep up with the high iron levels required during pregnancy. Good iron sources include red meat, liver, clams, oysters, and green leafy veggies. But red meat is what's best absorbed by your body, plant iron is only absorbed a 20%, and since I don't eat red meat, this supplement is extra important to me.


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