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Tips For A Smooth Disneyland Trip With Toddlers

After 8 visits to Disneyland with minis, here are all my tips for a smooth day!

1. Being healthy snack and food options to balance the junk. Feed them in the lines to keep them entertained & don’t let them get HANGRY to avoid tantrums. Also: If they are fulfilled with nourishing foods, they will ask for less junk!

2. Bring sippy cups and keep offering water through the day to avoid dehydration & fussiness.

3. Go potty often because there’s no potty in the lines

4. Bring a stroller and put the extra layers & blankets underneath. Then everything else in the backpack so you can easily take it on the rides and have snacks and wipes handy!

5. Have the app on your phone so you see wait times and can do a little strategy. Try to get to the park when they open and go to the back of the park & make your way back to avoid the first morning lines in the beginning.

6. When it’s nap times, in the stroller, take advantage of adult rides and use the parent swap method to skip the line!

7. Make a reservation at restaurants for lunch & dinner in advance if you want better food options. They all get booked!

8. If you have a baby, bring the carrier for easier lines & maybe some naps!

9. Know that there is a baby care center with nursing room, rocking chairs, changing station... but it’s off Main Street. So if you don’t want to walk back being a portable changing pad + find a shady spot to nurse. Remember, rides like Pirates of the Caribbean are easy nursing rides!

10. September & October are great months to visit the park with nice SoCal weather & less crowds after the summer months and before the winter holidays. But of course, Halloween also brings some extra visitors. Monday through Wednesday if you can. Disneyland hasn’t confirmed what their current max capacity % is right now, but it def is more than 25% like last time we visited in June.

11. Bring comfy shoes for all!

What are your fav tips?

Need a packing list to not forget a thing? It's here!


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