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Top Foods To Support Your Immune System (And The Baby's)

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

It's always important to support our immune system. But through flu seasons, seasonal changes, the fall and winter months, and traveling times. It is extra important to do so.

How? Focusing on good nutrition is #1! No better supplements than food high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc!

Here are the TOP foods to support our immune system. So make sure you include them during your travels, and

- Spinach

- Yogurt

- Turmeric

- Broccoli

- Sweet potatoes

- Almonds

- Apples

- Oily fish

- Nuts

- Blueberry

- Eggs

- Grapefruit

- Orange

- Lemon

- Kefir

- Miso

- Dark chocolate

- Raspberry 

- Garlic

- Peppers

- Ginger

- Tangerines

- Mandarins

Remember to take a multivitamin, prenatal or postnatal to fill in gaps in your diet made with clean ingredients, I recommend Ritual, 10% off the first three months with code LAURAG10

Also make sure you do all your grocery shopping through high quality and reliable places and to buy organic all of those foods that need to be organic (check them out here).


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