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Top Tips to Introduce Baby Solids

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I take nutrition SUPER seriously and it took me two months to research and prepare properly. I found the best team of pediatric nutritionist @dra.mafergastropedia who guided me through it all!

Here's a summary on top tips to introduce solids:

- I started at 6months, when they don't have more reserves from the placenta and they actually NEED more nutrients that breast milk does not include. And, their gut is ready!

- They should try all food from 6-12months, even the allergenic ones, the sooner the better, breast milk will protect them against bad allergies

- Starting them at 6 months with the 5 nutritional groups is best: protein, vegetables, fruit, cereals and fats.

- 5 foods per day (one from each group above)

- The new food is always introduced first.

- Each food is given individually, never mixed, so they can taste each food by itself.

- Food must not contain any additives, no sugar, no salt. Nothing.

- Any new food must be introduced individually, only one new food every 3 days. This means in the beginning, they will have 1 food day 1-3, 2 foods day 4-6, 3 foods day 7-9... When they reach five foods, only one varies. They always keep the 5 groups.

- Doing a mix of puree + BLW is great, they develop best and you can make sure they intake the nutrients.

- Purees start very liquid and slowly gain consistency to end up with chunky pieces.

- When introducing BLW pieces, they should be so steamed they melt to your finger touch, like an avocado. For safety.

- Three meals per day since the beginning. Food time should be around: 8am, 1pm, 6pm. Always two hours before bed the latest.

- Two spoons per food type (this means 10 spoons total when they are eating 5 groups of food), it will increase once they reach 8 months. Babies set their own pace: When done, if they want more, they can have more! Cater to what your baby needs. They will tell you.

- Always be facing them, face to face, for a strong bond.

- If possible, feed them while you are eating too, near your dining table, so they eat WITH you. Set an example.

- 2oz of water after every meal, with sippy cup, not bottle. Water is important now since they will drink less milk (as they will be less hungry) but they need the water to keep hydrated and poop out all the solids!

- Never have any distractions on the table: no toys, no ipad, no tv... only food!

- Never clean their face while they are eating. Let them get dirty!

- BLW pieces should melt to the touch, especially until 8 months: steam them well!

- All meat, fish & egg should always be very well cooked

- All nuts should be introduced as butter or puree, with no additives, never a full peace.

- If they don't like something it is OK. Keep insisting. They won't like everything in the first few trials.

- The right spoons to use + The right sippy cups + The right high chair = Find it all in my baby product list

- For all videos demonstrating how to use the utensils, how to position the baby in the chair, how to cut BLW pieces, head to my "Baby Solids Highlight"

And now that you know all the tips, you can go ahead and check the BABY SOLID INTRODUCTION CHART