Toys For Toddlers

Let's face it, Sofia loves to play with anything. Trash can, boxes, magazines... you name it. Anything laying around, she'll play with. Especially, if it's dangerous, lol.

But as soon as she turned 1 she started role playing around the house. She started immitating me cooking with my pans, wanting to put the laundry, pretend cleaning... basically anything I did she wanted to do. She also started showing appreciation for books, and "reading" them to herself, and playing at the bathtub a ton. So honestly, right now (after a whole year) is when I have started to get her toys, because she is finally playing with them.

And, she is the type of kid who pays 10 second attention to a toy, then bounces off to the next, then back to the first, and then off to a third. She's all over the place, so she does need a few options.

Here are some toy tips:

1. I make sure there are a few toys in every room, so wherever we are around the house, she can play. And keep her busy when she follows me around.

2. I make sure to find places to store them in each room.

3. Having them spread around keeps her busy anywhere and helps rotate toys, so they are always different.

4. I never buy many toys at once. Slowly keep them coming so there's always something new!

5. But so they don’t accumulate, Every time I bring a new one I donate one or two that she’s grown out of!

I put together a list of toys for toddlers, divided by categories (some I have, some I want to get soon):


- Bath Pipes

- Swimming Toy

- Squirt Toys

- Colors & Numbers Bath Books

- More Bath Books

- Letters & organizer set


- Water colors

- Eggs

- Educational Shapes

- Activity Desk

- Pounding Bench

- Activity Cube

- Musical PlayBook

- First 100 Words in English

- First 50 Words in Spanish

- Farm Puzzle

- Wooden Blocks

- Touch And Feel Animal Book

- Whirl N Go Tower

- Play Doh Cookie Shop


- Bouncing Cow

- Ball Pit

- Basket Ball

- Ride On

- Indoor Tunnel


- Laundry Set

- Market Food

- Shopping Kart

- Pots & Pans Set

- Kitchen

- Doll Stroller

- Doll


- Magnetic Drawing Board

- Puppets

- Touch And Feel Animal Book

- Peek A Who Book


- Organizing shelf

- Round Table

- Tent

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