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Tips For Traveling Internationally With A 3 Month Old Baby

Updated: Nov 5, 2018


- I made sure to have a bassinet similar to the one at home so the sleeping transition was easy. I brought her sleep suit and I set the mood of the room as I have at home (placed her next to me, brought the night light with sound...) to feel homey.

- I rented a car seat & stroller in Barcelona from @easytravelkids which made life easier: they brought everything to me and I didn’t have to carry everything on board. I definitely needed it with all the daily walking & driving. Look up in the area you are traveling to if they rent baby equipment too and if they bring it to the airport! This way you wont carry much with you and the airline won't ruin your stroller.

- With a 9h time zone difference I made sure Sofia knew when daytime & nighttime was with lights and activity. She took cat naps in the stroller but she kept busy with the sightseeing and people, so she was tired by the time we got home, and keeping everything dark, she knew it was time to sleep). This is why we traveled for two weeks, to have time to adjust and enjoy.

- Don’t expect the baby to shift and adjust to a new time zone, shift your day too: Stay up later or get up earlier than usual by a few hours. We started the day at 6am and went to bed at 8pm (it slowly shifted with the days)

- I tried to stick to a new routine. What worked for us was playtime at home with family all morning. Then we strolled the city & met with friends from 1-6pm. And we were always back home at 6pm for more playtime/bath/relax and early sleep. Being out just for a few mid day hours was key to avoid her getting moody. This is also why we needed to be gone 2 weeks to have time to do it all and still relax and not stress/rush.

- Breastfeeding made life easy. I didn’t have to worry about her food or feeding schedule.

Overall don’t worry it was SO much fun and doable, plan these things ahead and also plan to go with the flow don’t schedule too much in.

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