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Trusting Your Gut

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I am SUPER intuitive and always have been. It’s even scary sometimes how much I can instantly percibe.

When I meet someone, I immediately get a feeling, and I’m always right.

But in the past, I sometimes didn’t listen to my intuition, and of course, I ended up learning my lesson.

Or, I simply HAD to work with people I knew I shouldn’t. But in that specific moment of my life, I had no other choice because I had to start building my business portfolio, experience, and clientele. Although trust me, sometimes I wished I had listened to that internal voice!

Even when I started my business at 23, I believed in myself. I trusted that journey. I intuitively knew I was supposed to jump and take a leap of faith and start my own thing. Investing all my time, money and sacrifice for my entrepreneur journey wasn’t easy. But my intuition always told me it was MY road. So there were no questions or doubts, even through challenges and failures.

There have been lots of ups and downs, but right now, I am in a moment of my life where everything makes sense. Looking back, There were things I did that didn’t make sense, but I just “knew” I had to. And those steps got me to where I am today.

Now I understand. Now, I won’t doubt my intuition again.

If you do get gut feelings (either to stop or start doing something) trust that voice in you and give it your all. We tend to know what’s best for us. We just need to believe more in ourselves.


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