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Trusting Your Journey

I always had friends who...

Moved out sooner

Made money sooner

Travelled the world sooner

Got married sooner

Had kids sooner

Had nice/big rentals sooner

Bought a house sooner

And I still have people around me who have more than me right now.

But I never envy them. If anything, they have and still do inspire me to keep fighting for the things I want, and (although sometimes it’s hard) I trust the timing of my life and how things play out.

Because it’s easy to compare yourself to others. Especially now with social media, where we see everyone’s highs. Everyone’s accomplishments, and not the daily work behind or struggles it takes.

And if you aren’t careful with your perspective, it may seem like life is only a race to see who has what & when. And then it becomes harder to enjoy the journey.

But let me remind you: sooner isn’t better. They aren’t better than you. They maybe arnt happier than you. Your future may be even more abundant than theirs. And, sometimes, it’s simply not your time yet.

Focus on daily progress and improvement.

Focus on your path.

Focus on gratitude for little steps forward.

Trust the timing of your life.

Trust your journey.

Get inspired.

Manifest your future.

And make it happen too ✨

Comment below if you agree and are working to making your dreams a reality too ⚡️


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