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What Tasks I Delegate At Work

As I always say, if you want to keep up with your full time job from home or business, while being with your baby, you have to delegate more at work & at home.

So yes, I invest part of my income to delegating more than I did pre baby, but it allows me to do both of my passions (#bossmom) and, it allows me to keep growing my business and accept fun side work projects, and coach you, which keep my brain excited!

As I haven’t had a nanny in the whole first year of Sofia’s life, work delegating has definitely expanded. As you always ask me, here’s exactly what I delegate through my business and what my work assistants do:

1. Errands

2. Research

3. Follow up

4. Brainstorming

5. Calls

6. Scheduling Appointments

7. Invoices

8. Sponsorships

9. Training

10. Event planning. Scheduling, invites, pick ups, guest lists

11. Event on location. Greeting, check in, setting up

12. Photo shoot assisting

13. Holding Sofia at meetings or shoots lol

If you are starting your business, don’t worry. You don’t need to hire anyone part of full until your income allows you to. You can hire your weaknesses per project basis (for example, if you don’t know how to build a website, then you can hire someone who will for you). But I always push you to learn instead!

When I started my business I had no money to delegate and I learned to do it all by myself. Which helped me tremendously because I can now do it all and just delegate small time consuming tasks that I have no time to do, like the ones mentioned above! When starting It’s more rewarding - and cheaper - to invest money into learning (a business coach or a workshop) than hiring.

But also remember, once your business picks up, in order to grow, you have to invest more too!


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