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When You Should QUIT!

It's funny because, we tend to be told to NEVER quit. And I honestly think that realizing WHEN you NEED to quit is as important as succeeding.

A bad job or relationship where you are miserable at, for example. YES. Quit.

Cut that out of your life completely. Break up with habits or people that don’t help you get closer to your goals and dreams. Those that get you stuck in a bad place.

YOU are the only one in charge of deciding what to do with your life. Don’t wait to be fired. Don’t wait for the next best thing to rescue you.

Instead, realize what’s not letting you move forward, and quit. Let go. Move on.

Failing and quitting is part of the road that will get you to a happier place.

Don’t give up on your goals & dreams.

Push through the challenges that help you grow and evolve despite how hard they may be.

You can accomplish anything.

You CAN make it to your end goals by quitting, in fact, it’s sometimes more than a necessity to make it.

Saying NO to certain things is as important as saying YES.

Quitting internships and jobs, letting go of certain clients, and cutting bad people & habits out of my life, was what helped me move forward & fastest the most. It’s always a learning process. But it’s important to recognize it.

So today I want you to think, is there anything that makes you unhappy? Is there anything or anyone stopping you from moving forward? Are you stuck with bad habits? What can you do about it?

It’s never too late to quit. It’s never too late to start.


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