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Who I Am & Background

My name is Laura and I am 32 years young, originally from Barcelona, Spain.

I studied PR & Advertising in the University of Barcelona and moved to Los Angeles on my own at 21, to continue my studies in Marketing at UCLA.

After graduating I started freelancing and soon after, I opened my own PR & Digital Marketing business, focusing within the hospitality and lifestyle industries which I love. I am super passionate about growing my (now 8 year old) business & helping others succeed.

I of course encountered UNCOUNTABLE challenges along my entrepreneurial journey, and for that reason, 6 years ago, I started my IG account: to share my struggles & successes and empower woman to follow their dreams too, trusting themselves & their intuition, not listening to negative energy & standing up / learning after each failure.

In 2014 I also met my now husband Nathan (at the gym in West Hollywood). He is 38 from St Charles Missouri, but has been living in LA for 20 years now, and does Real Estate.

In 2017 we started our family, and now we have 2.5 year old Sofia and 1 month old Beckham.

Since becoming a mom, my IG has shifted to a bigger focus than PR + entrepreneurial work + motivation. It's primarily motherhood with an overall positive mindset, and life planning, business, wellness, tips that work for me... and my life! Keeping it real through my day to day experiences with the same original goal: TO EMPOWER YOU to follow YOUR dreams too. To believe in yourself, to parent intuitively, and to let you know that you CAN accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

I love sharing all my tricks & resources because I believe that we all have room to shine and grow! Helping each other, no matter where we are from, what our family looks like, or what our goals are.

I appreciate you being there and all the wonderful feedback you give me daily. If you don't yet, follow me on Instagram here so we can empower each other through the highs and lows of all that’s to come!


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