Why I Chose A Drug Free Birth

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Above all, there is no better way to birth, any way you decide will be the perfect way because ultimately, that’s what’s going to make YOU feel more confident & comfortable, if you are low risk & can choose. I wanted to have an epidural-free birth, for many reasons that I am sharing below:

- Birth is a normal biological process: the body is made to handle the pain

- The pain is actually the way your body tells you what to do: I knew exactly what to do during every moment because I could feel everything

- Having an epidural, IV or electronic fetal monitoring means you are stuck to a bed, unable to walk/move around/change positions all the time. Freedom makes labor easier, faster, and you have control and full awareness.

- With no meds you can always drink AND eat which keeps you strong and hydrated. I kept drinking sips of coconut water which helped me ease, be hydrated & nourished, aka, stronger for push time and all the hours ahead!

- The less meds, the less chances for unnecessary interventions.

- Epidurals interfere with your natural hormones produced during labor, leading to longer labor, which can lead to Pitocin.

- Pitocin (for induction or speeding up labor) also increases intensity & frequency of contractions, stressing the baby & reducing its oxygen supply, and can lead to a C-section.

- Epidurals can make blood pressure drop for mom, which means less oxygen for baby. Which can stress the baby and lead to a C-section too.

- With an epidural you can’t feel your lower body to change positions as your body asks and you cant feel your contractions (fully or nothing), so you don’t know exactly when to push (you may feel something but definitely not everything). Both important to avoid tearing and ease & shorten labor.

- After an epidural, babies are often less alert & oriented, they need to have their tiny newborn liver work hard get rid of drugs and toxins in their system.

- Pain relief medication can also cause side effects on babies.

- Breastfeeding is typically better right after a med-free delivery, as a sleepy baby does not breastfeed as well.

- There’s a much quicker recovery with no meds. I was home within 4 hours of pushing.

*And all of the above don’t mean you can’t have a short epidural birth.

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