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Why We Don't Face A New Baby Overwhelmed Or With Fear

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

As we approach our second baby's arrival, people keep asking us if we are scared, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed.

As we approach our second babys arrival, people keep asking us if we are scared, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed.

We don’t. And here’s why.

We know things are temporary.

Every single stage has a hard part.

But every phase goes by with a blink.

And just like that, you are on to the next hard thing to worry about.

So no, we refuse to live with anxiety or fear.

We want to soak it all in and enjoy.

Because to appreciate the good, you can’t let the difficulties take over. And trust me, there’s always a difficult side.

There’s no easy way of parenting.

There’s no easy stage.

There are no shortcuts.

But if we focus on the bad, on the hard, on the worries and the struggles, then there’s no way we can see or appreciate the good!

And that’s what parenting is all about.

Learning to enjoy the hard parts too.

Every singe moment.

Yes: those nights when you wake up every hour or two for months straight.

Those witching hour(s) of nonstop crying.

The leaps.

The teething.

Those constant diapers changes.

The nursing around the clock.

And the moments stuck under a sleeping baby.

Sure, I’ll be here to express my frustration and struggles. I won’t hide it. As I haven’t so far. But I will always provide you with a silver lining & a bright side.

Don’t rush the stages, soak them in.

Don’t rush the bad, because you’ll face one in every stage.

And if you rush it, you are missing out.

Let’s enjoy every single day with our minis. They will never be as little as today, ever again.

How will we do it alone w two businesses and no nannies or family? I don’t know. But like with Sofia, we’ll figure it out along the way, anxiety and fear won’t help.

Im so looking forward the best type of “bad” and a new l wonderful chaos soon added to our life. Let’s do this!

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