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Why You Have To Honor Your Creativity, Anywhere, Anytime

When you are a business owner who constantly needs to come up with strategies and new ideas it’s easy to work 24/7. Simply because that creative light bulb in your head can turn ON at any time. Even if you are not working, with the emails & computer off.

At night while with your family, during a massage, at dinner with friends, and of course, on vacation.

They tell me “you can’t stop working, you can’t disconnect, that’s not healthy”.Sorry, that’s just not how it works.

Stepping out of the “work zone” and turning all technology OFF is when I get the BEST ideas, and this happens to a majority of people in the entrepreneurial world.

And honestly, I’m “off” more than “on” but... Honoring your creativity when disconnecting is a MUST.

That’s why I am never stuck in an office 9-5, because that’s not most productive and creative to me.

Accepting that, you will need to write down ideas when you are “OFF” and understanding that you NEED to step out of your routine to allow for your mind to get creative is key.

Allowing myself to get those daily activities where I can be most creative, and travel more often has been incredible to expand my business.

But, you just need to learn how to make it a habit to quickly note down your ideas, and get back to your day or activity!

Having a quick transition from the ON/OFF, is a learning process.

But DEFINITELY, allow your creativity to come wherever you may be, and don’t let anyone tell you that it is not healthy ✨ because ultimately, it is what allows you to be “not working” and enjoy the world more often too!


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