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Witching Hours Vs Colic

This is one of the most common newborn challenges & worries!

Now, while my newborn care approach is always to spark your own mom intuition, some basic education and understanding on practical newborn patterns and challenges is a must so you can both navigate them with confidence and, so you can find root causes, if any.

Because unfortunately, a lot of people do think "I am just unlucky, I got a colicky baby" and deal with it, when truth is, there may be a big reason behind why your baby is colicky, and it's extremely important.

And, a lot of people also confuse WH with colic, which can seem frustrating and uncontrollable. When truth is, there are things you can do to minimize it!

So, first I want you to understand the difference between WH & Colic. And why they both happen.

🌙Witching Hours can be a mix of over stimulation during the day (an overtired baby's stress response system kicks in, releasing cortisol and adrenaline which makes it even more difficult for baby to relax enough to sleep at night) plus their immature digestive system that is brand new, and it creates an nightly fussy baby to your daytime chill and happy baby!

👏🏼There are many things we can do to minimize the intensity of the WH & navigate them more smoothly. But they will still peak, and go away no matter what.

⚡️Colic usually has a root cause issue which can be also digestive related (wind and gas, silent reflux, food allergies or intolerance...), not getting enough food due to an issue (lip/tongue tie, reflux, latch...), or many other health complications.

Of course, it's not THIS simple, but this can be a great start to understanding our newborns + provide them proper help and care.

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