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Working With A Newborn

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

My TIPS on how I have been dealing with zero maternity leave & a newborn (with no family in town or hired help):

- Pre-baby: organize. Both your house (have everything set for the baby, places where to place him/her comfortably while you work...) as well as your work (do as much as you can before the arrival and get your home office & team ready/trained).

- Know where to delegate: if you are working it’s to keep making money and sustain your job/business. And in order to do that you must also delegate & INVEST, to get a bigger return and be able to keep growing / working. So at work, I am delegating and hiring assistance where/when needed. And at home, I just continue hiring my bi-weekly maids which deep clean everything (just every other week).

- Take advantage of technology: Get your groceries delivered to our doorstep (I use Milk & Eggs, you can get a discount AND free delivery using my code "lauragimbert") & get any errands needed through amazon prime.

- We’ve had absolutely no visitors at all the first six weeks. This alone has saved me time from entertaining people, wanting to look presentable etc. If we had had visitors it would have taken time from work & Sofia which both are now our priorities.

There are some things you should know about working with a newborn, so you are realistic when prepping for it too and don’t get overwhelmed:

▪️ Just like your sleep, your work will be divided through the day as well. You won’t get more than an hour of work straight. If you are lucky! (Because even if they randomly sleep a long stretch you’ll want to shower, tidy up...haha) Forget a schedule and work around your baby, they are in charge now!

▪️ Not only will work be fractioned, but you’ll overall get less work done too, obviously. That’s why I emphasize on delegating & accepting less amount of work during this time. You may earn less right now, but you aren’t spending on a nanny after all, the price you pay to balance both: so worth it!

▪️You and your baby will need cuddles so plan to do some work from places you can be cozy at (don’t plan to work desk-exclusively) for example I write & brainstorm from the couch.

▪️ You’ll need to learn how to type with one hand. Or learn how to wrap!

Adapt and be open minded to these changes. Don’t get frustrated, remember that working like this is the only way to take care of your baby AND manage to keep your business to provide them a great life & better future. Working also keeps my mind working, which I truly appreciate during this time too.

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