What is Coaching? And Client Reviews

Laura has been offering Business + Balance coaching and consulting sessions since September 2018 due to the demand of woman looking to learn her entrepreneurial, PR, digital marketing and life balance tips & tricks.

Each session is customized to your exact needs. Weather it's business consulting to start or grow your business, life balance to be able to be productive and plan your days right, or a mix of both!

Before each session, a personalized questionnaire is sent to better understand your needs and goals and create a session that covers all you need to know.

There are 2h sessions, 10 session packages (1h each week) and monthly memberships where you get 1-2 sessions each month.

The goal is for you to learn all the tools you need to take control of your business. To figure out what your steps are. To get motivated and productive with a set plan.

You can read some reviews and experiences below!


Fitness Coach


Laura's online business coaching session was the push I needed and was looking for.

It has given me an amazing perspective on how to move forward towards my goals, exact action plan to the direction that I am now perusing. I started implementing everything we discussed right away and already am evolving and most importantly, wake up with motivation and drive, which I was badly craving. I can't stress how happy I am to have found her and looking forward a follow up session in the future.




The business coaching was so detailed and on-point, exactly what I was looking for. She covered everything I needed to learn in just 2h and had custom prepared my session perfectly with a questionnaire that she had me fill in before hand, so there was no time to waste. The session was very valuable and helpful to move my new business forward and ended with a complete set of tools and notes! Amazing.





Business Owner

The life balance session was extremely helpful and motivating, I love how custom the entire session was to my unique situation and how we went over everything in just 2h. I have worked with other coaches in the past and never received such custom recommendations. Many use a template for all clients. I love how she took so much time to focus on my unique situation and create a plan that helps with my specific goals.

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