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Mom's Complete Multivitamin


Finally. A clean, complete pre & postnatal multi that WORKS!

Mom's Complete Multi is the only one made with exclusive Nutristack technology that delivers all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals straight to the bloodstream and cells, where they are needed. Clinically proven to be absorbed by the body at 95%, 15 times more effective than other traditional ones in the market, where you only absorb 5-10%!

It's also 100% natural, made with no fillers, no gums, no additives, no colorants, no sugar added. And third party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, harmful pathogens and much more.


Only the best, purest ingredients to support moms from pre conception, through all pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Because moms need to keep taking care of themselves to keep up with sleepless nights, nonstop days and being constantly exposed to viruses.

Plus, it supports your immunity, aids in stress/anxiety relief, and helps with cognitive awareness.


Now available in USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

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On-Demand Courses

These on-demand online courses are the ultimate roadmap to getting ready for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doula support, guidance and education without the 1on1 fees, to elevate & empower your journey, helping you make informed, confident decisions, while treating your mind and body the way you deserve.

For course questions email

If you are under 20 weeks:

If you are over 20 weeks:



Join me on my podcast, co-hosted with Remi, a long-time friend.


We started following her TTC / INFERTILITY journey, and keep going through pregnancy, every step of the way. And I join her midway announcing my very own pregnancy too.


We then continue our stories covering our birth, postpartum & motherhood, with lots of mom talk and how all these life changing events impact all areas of our lives!

Start from the beginning so you know why we started and why Remi needs help trying to conceive, and subscribe so you don't miss any episodes to come!

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My name is Laura Gimbert

I am a mom of two, a digital marketing agency business owner, a certified pregnancy and postpartum doula as well as pregnancy and postpartum nutrition coach, and I empower hundreds of thousand of moms worldwide to follow their dreams, just like I did. Helping you create your own mom boss life, whatever that means to you!

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