Laura Gimbert

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, I finished my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Advertising at the University Of Barcelona in 2010, and moved across the world on my own, to Los Angeles, California, to start my professional career and continue my studies in Marketing at UCLA.


After freelancing for a few years (offering services in PR, Social Media & Event Planning) I decided to open my own business in Digital Marketing focusing in the hospitality, wellness, travel and lifestyle industries.

In 2015 I started my Instagram with focus on spreading awareness & encouraging women to follow their dreams too, to never give up despite the challenges and keep doing things their own way, despite what society says. After I became a mom in January 2018, I focused on helping other mamas thrive through motherhood, listening to their own intuition and doing things their own way, making the best out of their journey.

With organic demand, I launched my Business Coaching Services late 2018 to help woman (many, moms) start or grow their businesses digital marketing and social media presence to gain and grow clientele (whether it's for a service, product or personal brand), so they can have more financial freedom and independence, while not giving up on having flexible/more hours with their kids.


And in 2021, I became a Certified Doula to backup my knowledge and take my passion to the next level, and offer Group Pregnancy & Postpartum Classes to prepare for an empowered Postpartum, for mamas to feel supported & guided mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because I have personally been there, I know what it is like, and I had to be VERY active searching for all of my options and rights to advocate for my choices and get the best experience possible. I now gathered all of the information for mamas to be able to access all education and empowerment in a hassle free way, to be prepared and confident through their journey and enjoy the full ride.

Join my community and grow, thrive and explore with me!

"She believed she could... so she did "