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Laura Gimbert

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, I finished my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Advertising at the University Of Barcelona in 2010, and moved across the world on my own, to Los Angeles, California, to start my professional career and continue my studies in Marketing at UCLA.


After freelancing for a few years (offering services in PR, Social Media & Event Planning) in 2013 I decided to open my own business in Digital Marketing focusing in the hospitality, wellness, travel and lifestyle industries.

In 2015 I started my Instagram with focus on spreading awareness & encouraging women to follow their dreams too, to never give up despite the challenges and keep doing things their own way, despite what society says, with lots of wellness, travel and mindset too. After I became a mom in January 2018, I shifted and also focused on helping other mamas thrive through motherhood, listening to their own intuition, leading a healthy lifestyle while still following their dreams, doing things their own way, making the best out of their journey.

With organic demand, in late 2018 I started offering 1on1 coaching for woman (mainly moms) helping them start or grow their businesses too, teaching them all my entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media strategy skills and secrets, along life planning and mom-life balance tips, so they could have more financial freedom and independence while not giving up on having flexible and more hours with their kids.


In 2021, I became a Certified Doula to backup my knowledge and take my passion to the next level to help woman through this life changing season with empowerment and confidence. After offering a year of back-to-back live group classes on pregnancy, birth and postpartum; in early 2022 I launched the On-Demand platform with 5 complete courses that support mamas through all of these transformative stages so they can too make their experience stress-free, hassle-free, with education and informed decisions to advocate for themselves, with organization, resources, products and emotional / mindset support to enjoy the ride.

In late 2022, I will be launching an on-demand course on Mompreneurship: How to start/grow your own business or side hustle from home, working a few hours while growing an income, and being able to spend more time with your kids. Everything I taught through 1on1 coaching, which I don't do anymore. This course will include everything from guidance on starting a business, growing a business, digital marketing strategies, passive income strategies, team building strategies, finding your targeted audience, branding, time management with kids and much more. It be super complete and will provide you countless hours of step by step guidance, in a more accessible way, you can join the waiting list here for an early bird discount!


Currently, I work 2-3h days, I am still the owner and CEO of my Digital Marketing Business with LA clientele who I have had for 4-8 years (my amazing team manages the work, supervised by me), I run my Doula Business through the on-demand courses (and some VIP 1on1 personalized sessions) and I of course run my Instagram page and blog that provides tons of daily informative content to support and empower moms journeys, while sharing my experiences along the way, launching products that help your life too, like the Toddler Meal Ebook with my pediatric nutritionist, the Manifesting Kit or the Preset Package to enhance everyday memories. And with the help of my management team, I am also able to partner with and create content for amazing top brands that I personally love and use, which I am also so passionate about. The rest of my days are fully focused on my family, making beautiful memories, traveling as much as we can, and living this short but intense stage to the fullest, helping you do the same too!

So join my community and grow, thrive and grow with me.

"She believed she could... so she did "



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