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Pregnancy & Postpartum


Laura Gimbert

On-Demand Courses

These on-demand online courses are the ultimate roadmap to getting ready for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doula support, guidance and education without the 1on1 fees, to elevate & empower your journey, helping you make informed, confident decisions, while treating your mind and body the way you deserve.

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Learn to support your body before conception to boost your fertility and how to take care of it through early pregnancy, along your early options.

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Learn how to take care of you (body, mind and soul) through the end of pregnancy and through all postpartum. Make sure you take care of you, so you can take care of your baby too!

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Get ready for birth, body, mind and soul. Know your options, create a birth plan, know your birth essentials, prepare in every way, prep your partner & more!

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Learn how to take care of your baby, red flags, and solutions to common challenges; as well as all about breastfeeding, so that you can navigate this journey with confidence!

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Make a real plan for postpartum. Learn exactly what you should be doing to plan ahead, in every area, and have the smoothest transition into motherhood.

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The Master Bundle of all Courses includes all of these 5 courses and never expires! So you can watch at your own pace, and come back to it whenever needed.


The End Of Pregnancy Bundle includes all of the courses except Pre and Early Pregnancy and is meant to do anytime in pregnancy after 20 weeks pregnant to prep you for birth & postpartum!


The Postpartum Only Bundle is great for those who only want to focus on postpartum prep, including mom care, newborn care, nursing and making a full postpartum plan!

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