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A New Positive Outlook: Staying Safe At Home

One thing I realized while being home is how expensive stepping outside is.

I started thinking how many things I wasn't able to do, and how all of those things had a price.

So I decided that I would write down the list of everything I was "saving", and add the expenses that I wouldn't have for the next few (months probably) to see a new / different positive side of staying safe at home.

Because we tend to focus on how much more we are spending in groceries or if we lose a project / client / job; but we also can pay attention to our monthly expenses and how they are lowered through this time too!

Here's my list of monthly expenses I am saving on during this time.


Car wash

Gym membership

Kids club at gym

Part time preschool

Baby music class

Baby gym

Shakes at gym

Coffee dates/meetings

Lunch dates/meetings








Kids museum and such weekend activities

Sure, I am now spending more in groceries and online purchases, but the numbers cant compare.

Have you created this list? I encourage you to do so and see this perspective too!

Especially if you have lost your job, clients, projects or have had to temp close your business, know that you’ll probably need less to get through the month than you did before: And if that’s the case, stay tuned for my post on how to make money / extra income during this time to make up for it and keep afloat.


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