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Are You Ready To Open Your Own Business?

I want to remind you of the reality behind starting your own business.

You don't just decide to do it, and all of the sudden, it's up and running with clients and an income. It takes YEARS to get to the point where opening a business MAKES SENSE.

Here are a list of things you NEED prior to making that move:

📝 At least 2-5 years of expertise (depending on the type of business) within the exact same FIELD of work. Having less experience wouldn't be fare to your future clients. Even if you are naturally good at something, you LEARN only through experience and day to day situations.

📝 Having freelanced offering the same exact services PRIOR to opening your business. This way, you'll gain experience and you will also network and gain potential future clients for your business (or at least, word of mouth). If you don't do this, you'll do all the work (business cards, emails, website...) to get the business ready and will afterwords sit and wait for clients, for who knows how long! This is one of the biggest mistakes I see. I find myself with hundreds of emails of "how do I get my first client" and "what do I do know to actually get work". This should be resolved before launching.

📝 Get a Mentor - Or work for one first! What you see from the outside is a 20% of what goes on from the inside of a business!

📝 Get legal advise. You'll run into WAY too many problems when you are offering services or even goods. You'll need to be protected! You don't want to get sued.

📝 Have a big networking circle BEFORE you even launch your business. Launching prior to that would be, again, a waste of time!

📝 If it's a SERVICE business, have clients (thanks to previous freelancing or company work you've done) PRIOR to launching! Why launch with zero clients?


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