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Balancing Spending & Saving

I believe that we need to be smart with our money, and that we always need to have a safety pillow in the bank & plan for our future. That we need to map our expenses and be careful with our investments.

However, life is short. We also need to enjoy it. We need to live. We need to spend money on experiences, trips & hire help in order to live our life and enjoy it too!

Because if all we can do is work to pay the basic bills, then what’s life about? If we want to do it all and not delegate to save, we end up burned and can’t grow.

So here are my tips on how to balance spending and saving, smartly.

1. Know your basic expenses. Know exactly how much your monthly bills add up to and work towards earning much more than that. Make more to save more. Simple.

2. Cut down your basic expenses. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we can save if we cut down on some small monthly bills. They add up.

3. Set goals. Don’t impulse buy. Set a saving goal that will give you access to an experience or purchase.

4. Invest to earn more. I always say that, the more I delegate, the more I can: focus on making more money, and focus on doing things I love instead.

5. Know your financial goals and timeline: if you are planning on buying a house = know how much money you need to save per month to meet your deadline.

6. Don’t spend until you earn.

7. Live within your means and budget responsibly.

8. Don’t rely on credit cards. Try to avoid loans.


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