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Be Productive On Flights

1. Drink TONS of water before and during the flight, to be more awake and prevent inflammation, which makes you extra tired!

2. Pack healthy meals and avoid greasy, high carb plane food. Grab to-go airport salads with protein, yogurts, nuts, boiled eggs, fruit...

3. Don't rely on flight wifi, as it may not be available or may be notoriously spotty. Download all the documents ahead and set aside work you can do without being connected, like: writing emails or social media content to send/publish once you land. Edit photos. Plan your calendar. Brainstorm. There is so much you can do!

4. Stretch to keep your blood pumping and keep the stress to a minimum.

5. Pack flight essentials to feel revitalized: body travel-size moisturizer, face hydration mask, eye patches, lip balm, sleeping mask, travel size thermal spring water spray... These are a few of my favorite flight must-haves to arrive rested and refreshed (remember, skin suffers major dehaydration while flying)


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