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Best Nontoxic Kids Sunscreen (and a discount)

You have probably already heard about Roe Wellness because it is one of the cleanest brands out there!

I have always struggled with finding sunscreens that were clean, fragrance free, made with no harsh chemicals made for kids that also applied smoothly and were vegan and cruelty free until I found Roe Wellness, it is the one we've been using for years now and we love it.

I am super excited because they just launched their new SPF Stick sunscreen & Roe Wellness is offering a discount for you to use too, perfect to stock up on clean kids sunscreen for the spring and summer!

The new SPF 50 Mineral stick provides the most convenient, smooth stick application, leaving no greasy residue behind, so simple! Perfect with wiggly kids that give you a few seconds to apply sunscreen.

Formulated with over 20% zinc oxide it offers broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays ensuring your little ones stay protected from the sun rays wherever you are

It's truly the ultimate on-the-go sun protection solution, and compact, perfect to carry with you everywhere and apply & reapply when needed.

Roe Wellness was created by a pediatric nurse practitioner, mother of two, who struggled with finding baby skincare products that didn't irritate her kids skin, and that were clean safe and helpful so you can brows the website to see all other incredible products!

They are all ranked between a 1-2 on the EWG toxicity scale, so you can feel confident about using them.


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