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Cabo Family Trip: What to do!

This was a dream destination, we had the best time and did so many activities! Highly recommend you looking into booking Cabo as your next trip. I hope this post helps and inspires you:

We stayed at Garza Blanca Resort in a breathtaking 2-bedroom oceanfront apartment with a full kitchen, perfect for the comfort of home cooked meals and saving a bit on eating out daily, but also located on a family-friendly resort, so there was the convenience of on-site restaurants, buffets, spa, gym, free kids club (for kids 4+), 7 pools (which provided tons of space, not crowded in one pool) as well as access to a swimmable beach (which not all are in Cabo, def look into it before booking a resort).

If you plan to travel to Cabo with littles, I 100% recommend you looking into San Jose del Cabo area (where we were at) because it's a quiet, laidback charming destination just 20min away from the main city, Cabo San Lucas, which is the more popular city with exciting nightlife and a bustling downtown.

When it comes to activities, we did so much with kids! We ventured out every morning after breakfast and it was amazing because the kids napped on the way back from the activity, mid day, and once we got to the resort, we had the rest of the afternoon to unwind and play at the pool & beach.

  • Off Roading at the beach: This was amazing. We went to Cactus Tours, located 45min out of San Jose. The vehicles are for 5yo+ and they have 2 & 4 seaters, but a) we didn't want to leave Beckham alone and b) Sofia is small and honestly, I didn't think it would be for her, and good call because we went crazy. My 5ft body was bouncing hard, I wouldn't want her to go through that. The kids stayed at Cactus childcare (included in the price) and they had a blast, it was the cutest place! We booked a private off roading tour which upgraded us to the best vehicle, and we could go faster than with a group, and we didn't wait or stop, so we did the whole circuit in half the time, an hour.

  • Other activities Cactus offers at the same property: ATV, horseback riding, camel riding, and electric bikes. So you could book those instead, and also drop kids at the free kids club (no age minimum here).

  • Finally, we also went to a mini water park inside Royal Solaris resort through a day pass here we did this a few times and it was so much fun. The kids played on their own so much, and although we couldn't take our eyes out of them, our bodies did rest a little. Win win. The pass gives you access to all the resort not just the kids area, and it also offer towels, wifi, all-you-can eat and drink service, beach access, gym access etc! But we staid at their kids area all the time (except I took 30min off on my own at the beach while daddy played with them).

  • Other all-ages kid friendly activities in Cabo: Pirate boat tour, yachts, whale watching, I recommend booking any activity through the resort so you coordinate pick up and drop off directly with them.

  • Other activities there are to do in Cabo (but you would need to leave the kids at the resort's Kids Club or nanny/family etc): snorkeling, horseback riding on beach, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, golf, jet ski tours, kayak tours.

As for transportation, I booked the private shuttle from the airport to the resort (round trip) through www.LosCabosAirportShuttles.Com (which includes free car seats, just remember to note down if you need more than once, as every SUV has one as standard) and for private transportation from resort to activities we booked it through the resort (also requesting car seats, they will 100% drive you without it, but we did see a couple of accidents in the week we were there so I personally wouldn't risk it).

Head to my IG to see the stories saved under the Cabo highlight and the trip reel recap too!


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