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Gain Confidence Through Your Kids

If you lived in a private island, with your kids, with no social media...

Would you still care about how you looked, or would you focus on how you felt instead?

Would you worry about being skinny and flawless? Or strong and energized instead?

Sometimes, we get caught up on things that truly don’t matter. Like what others think. How we look for others that don’t really care about us or even know us.

If we only focused on how we felt, we would work on the things that truly matter like our body nourishment and empowerment.

If we always focused on seeing ourselves through our kids eyes instead of strangers, we’d immediately feel like the most beautiful, fun, smart, brave women in the world. Instead of insecure.

I’ve never been more confident that after I became a mama thanks to seeing myself through them. Mamas are superheroes to their kids. And we should have the same confidence in ourselves than they do. Because it’s true. We are amazing. Believe your kids. We are capable of it all. It is the most empowering feeling ✨ Right?


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