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How To Create Cute Bump Memories No Matter a What

Pregnant during quarantine? Maternity shoot cancelled? Nowhere to get dressed to go to? Don’t let any of it stop you from creating beautiful bump memories! I encourage you to use this time to take tons of pregnancy photos. Even if you don’t feel like it. Even if you only get out of sweats for the pic. You won’t regret the memories for life. Here are my tricks to make sure you have a bunch of cute preggo pics during quarantine. 1. I loveeeee all the no makeup days! But choose one day a week where you do your hair and makeup, just for YOU and for the cute memories. 2. If you shoot indoors, try doing so in the middle of the day, with no direct sunlight, but enough natural lighting! If you shoot outdoors, try morning or evening for best light. If you are looking for a silhouette style photo, remember the light has to be behind you. 3. Get creative using drapes, walls, curtains, window light contrast... And take both progress and more "artsy" photos at home! 4. Don't get mad at your partner, he is not a professional photographer, play with a few angles & lighting, and he will eventually get it. Or use a tripod 🤪 Try to have fun with it. 5. Remember to scroll on Instagram for inspiration: If you have an idea of what style of photo you want to shoot, it will be easier to give your partner directions (visually) and get the shot done faster. 6. Make sure you get some photos WITH your partner as well, using a tripod or selfie style. 7. Take tons of mirror selfies too! I love these during pregnancy. 8. Play with Lightroom to edit the photo light, coloring, temperature and such. I know sometimes you won't feel your best or in the mood to shoot during pregnancy. But trust me, this is a short period of time in your life, that will quickly be forgotten, and having the bump memory is something you will never regret! Even if the pictures are just to keep to yourself.


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