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How To Save Money To Travel

To me, traveling is everything. I rather pay for experiences that create lifetime memories than for materialistic things. So today I am going to give you some tips on HOW TO SAVE MONEY TO TRAVEL.

1. Spend Less. Go over your daily expenses and see what can be cut out or replaced. For example, do you purchase daily coffees & shakes outside of the home? Those can easily be replaced for home made. Do you pay for cable that you rarely watch? Take a look at your statements and see what little additions you can remove and save instead.

2. Make money on the side. Whatever you do, there's always something you can do on the side. Take a look at this post to get some ideas.

3. Know what your monthly essentials are (food, rent/mortgage, gas, water...) and what your income is, and assign a weekly amount that you want to put aside just for travel.

4. If you want to take a bigger/more expensive trip, know that you may need to wait longer. But if you know your goal, have a plan, and motivation (the trip) you will more likely be patient and commit to saving.

5. Look for "essential" alternatives. Sometimes, we don't look for alternatives because we are used to our own companies and services, but looking for alternatives is a good way of saving or understanding that you are already using the best in the market, which is good to know.

6. When a trip is approaching, cut down on entertainment. Movies, sport tickets, dining out... if you have a trip coming up, stay at home a week or two prior and save money (knowing that you will be able to spend it during the trip instead).

7. The harder you work, the more you save, the bigger the trips you can take. Remember that for motivation & commitment too. Setting goals and creating a plan will help you stick to your spending budget.

8. Remind yourself of your why: put a picture on your wall of all your family travels or places you want to go to. Constant revalidation.

9. Eat out less often and search for fun recipes to do at home to make it more fun. Create date nights at home.

10. Cut down on SPA treatments and do them at home instead. Book your hair appointments further out and go less often. Do your own nails.

11. Reduce car usage (let's face it, we can walk to so many places).

12. Reduce your utility bills. Be concious of your light, electricity & water usage. Open the windows to catch a breeze, do fewer loads of laundry, etc.

13. Quit bad habits like smoking or drinking, which cost you tons of money.

Be conscious of your light, electricity & water usage. Open the windows to catch a breeze, do fewer loads of laundry, etc.


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