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How We Met

This is not a “love at first sight” story or an “I immediately knew” type of thing. Our story is completely opposite to that, which I think is what makes it special to us.

We met at the gym in West Hollywood. We both had been going to the same gym for over five years and had never seen each other. That was probably because I used to take group classes & all of the sudden, I started doing more and more weight training, and that’s when we met, at the gym weight area.

He approached me a few times and I completely ignored him. But he kept talking to me a bit more every day (he was actually nice, funny and polite, so it didn’t feel stalk-y lol) and finally asked for my phone number and I gave it to him thinking that I would use an excuse to ignore him if/when he texted, haha. But then he texted inviting me to a Dodgers game, and I had never been to a baseball game before, so it actually sounded fun. I accepted and went.

After that day, we hang out every single day. We both were super busy with our own lives, both independent with our businesses and never thought too much of it. But we kept hanging. We never thought about the future we just had a good time day by day with absolutely zero expectations or commitments. And the rest is history.

What I think worked for US is that we both truly had no intentions and went with the flow, letting it grow organically, month to month. And that we were both busy growing businesses, but at the same time, we spent a lot of time together doing outdoor activities, easy going, always helping each other while having fun.

And our personalities and energies balanced each other out, tremendously since day one. Which made everything move forward very easily.


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