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Ideas For YOU To Do At Home

The same way I gave you a few ideas of activities to do with your toddlers/kids (see here), now this is a list for YOU, to resource to when you want to pick up a new activity.

I find it fun and more efficient if I choose 3-5 things I want to accomplish each week! Try that if you are feeling unmotivated. This idea list was created for the quarantine period, but of course, can apply to anytime in life that you are home.

Clean out closets

Re organize closets, pantries, drawers

Video chat with the loved ones who live away

Take a virtual class

Start a craft project

Cook fun new recipes

Watch a movie or a new show

Do yoga


Make a vision board

Start a project you've been postponing

Brainstorm future trip ideas

Rearrange furniture


Get/set up new art or wall art


Deep clean things like fridge or oven

Groom the dog

Organize computer files and photos

Make a healthy food chart

Finish your taxes

Make a photo album book

Create a schedule for you or the family


Face mask

Body scrub

Hair mask

Home microdermabrasion

Take time for bubble baths

Sleep early


Create Pinterest boards

Make a home picnic

Create a garden/indoor garden

Organize kid toys in labeled bins

Clean out beauty products

Start an online business


Work on a registry list/baby essential list

Decorate the nursery

Build baby furniture

Wash baby clothes

Baby proof

Brainstorm names

Take online birth classes

Create a birth plan

Take belly progress photos

Search for a doc/midwife/doula

Hospital bag if closer to birth


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