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Manifesting Your Life: How to Set Real Goals & Make Them Happen

  1. Define what success in 2023 is to you. Not to society or someone else. Really a new car? Or more time with your kids? More flexibility? More quality time? Truly think about it.

  2. Set SPECIFIC goals for 2023. I want to make more money = I want to make an extra $X.

  3. Make sure you have a WHY behind each goal: I want to make an extra X amount this 2023. Great! But why? To have money for a down payment for our new home and finally move closer to my family. To be able to pay off debt and feel free again. To be able to buy a new car and have a safe transportation. To afford a third baby. Remembering the why will keep you motivated to move forward, the goal won’t.

  4. Make sure you have an action plan / an intention for each goal to actually get closer to it as the year evolves. I want to be healthy in 2023 = great! What’s the action plan? Eat more whole foods, less processed foods, less added sugars (come up with actual recipes), workout 3 times a week (download an app or enroll in a gym membership), walk daily, drink more water, eat out only once a week, limit alcohol to one drink per week. Etc! Make a list!

  5. Remember consistency > motivation. Your motivation will come and go. You won’t wake up excited everyday. Your discipline is what keeps you going and moving you closer to the end result! Make it a habit. Keep showing up.

  6. Mindset is everything. Keep your vibration high through the year. There are days where you’ll think you are far from your goals. That they aren’t going to be met. But your mindset has to believe they are coming, no matter what! So that you can keep taking action, and so that you keep your vibration high to attract high vibration things. So: keep replacing negative thoughts for positive ones, surround yourself with high vibrational people, put boundaries, do daily self-care actions to connect you to your soul, remove limiting believes, work on your subconscious mind, and create healthy habits.

  7. Don't neglect your emotions, for ex if you keep being frustrated while working towards a goal, maybe the action plan has to change? Maybe the goal doesn't align with your true purpose? Your emotions are telling you things, listen, and create change along the way.

  8. See rejection as redirection. Remember that rejection doesn't mean that you aren't accomplishing your end goal, it means that the path looks different than you thought. So don't throw the towel, see rejection as redirection to an even better end goal and path. Don't lose faith.

  9. Practice gratitude daily to also acknowledge what you already have, so you can really have more of what you want.

  10. Set goals for every area of your life, so there's balance and you aren't neglecting one area that also needs love and work: health, family, love, career, wealth, spiritual, personal.

  11. Visualize your goals as they are already yours. Vision boards, journaling, talk about them, feel them with every sense.


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