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Moving To A Big City & Making It

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

I moved to LA, the unknown. I had absolutely nothing there and had to start everything from the ground up. Here's what I learned along the way and tips that will help you make it if you are thinking about moving to a big city!

- It's OK if you are rejected. Perseverance is key. - Don't live month to month, save as much as you can. - Don't make plans depending on anyone else but YOU.

- Surround yourself with positive people with similar goals and aspirations. - INTERN. Yes. Start from the bottom. Even if it means working bar-tending or babysitting to pay your bills. But... - Know your worth. Don't do the above more than a year or else you will be stuck! - Exercise. Outdoors or join a gym, whatever it is. You'll work 24/7 in a big city so you must be in shape (which will give you energy) to keep up with the city rythm.

- Sleep. There are always amazing plans out there, but learn to say no. If you stay, you'll be able to enjoy them all eventually! - Believe. Don't worry so much. Don't listen to anyone else's opinion, you'll be alright! - Always Network. Join a gym or go to coffee shops where you can meet people within your industry. Anywhere in a big city is always a good place to network, just choose your areas wisley! So... - Move to the area where you want to be! Even if that means rent prices are higher, start renting a room in an apartment first, then move to a studio, then a one bedroom... it's OK! We've all been there! This way you'll appreciate it even more. You won't lose time & money commuting.


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