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My Goals For 2020

Without clear goals, improving and achieving objectives is much harder. So I encourage you to narrow them down, and write the steps and actions that you need to do to get to them. They need to be clear, specific, and have a time line.

Here are my main goals for 2020!

LIFE Make weekly food calendars Organize Weekend family activities ahead Keep finding new toddler activities Spend less on lunch delivery One snow trip in winter Caribbean Baby moon trip in early Spring Local SoCal trips in summer as new fam of 4 Spain trip in September Mexico trip late fall Big relaxing trip to end the year Taxes done & paid by February Save X by end of year - I know my number Weekly self care Soak in newborn/baby time like I did with Sofia One-on-one time w Sofia after boy is born Keep fitness strong through pregnancy Keep fitness strong postpartum Go to bed earlier like I’ve been doing Upgrade my smile More date (early) night alone outings before baby

HOME New Cali King bed + bedding New plants for house Pantry reorganize, done on 1/1 Office reorganization New office shelf New rug for living New TV stand Keep doing closet cleanups every month Buy dresser for baby boy New rocking chair

BUSINESS 2019 was amazing for my business and my goal this year is simply to keep up with the work I have been doing, so it can keep growing and evolving even through my life changes! Keep my team strong, motivated and rewarded Keep my clients happy and successful Keep my side projects growing Keep doing speaking engagements regularly Keep growing my platform and helping woman Keep my business expenses to a minimum Do more investments Invest more in delegating through postpartum Keep taking vacation breaks to renew Say no to projects or clients that don’t feel right

Remember you can head HERE to find FREE PRINTABLE PLANNERS to help keep you on track: goal planner, daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner & habit tracker!


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