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My Pregnancy To-Do List

You find out that you are pregnant, CONGRATS! Now what? I have created a check-list calendar of things that need to be taken care of each month! Of course, some things on the list are OPTIONAL. And you can be FLEXIBLE on when to do some things too. But I hope it helps and gives you guidance. MONTH 2 Confirm the pregnancy Cut down caffeine Stop drinking, if you did before Start taking a prenatal vitamin with folate Start taking vitamin D, a probiotic and magnesium Find a good midwife/birth center or doctor Look into your health plan / insurance Start modifying gym workouts Download pregnancy apps Start making a list of baby names Start doing pelvic floor workouts MONTH 3 Go to your first prenatal appointment Start taking bump pics, you wont regret it Find out the gender, if opt for bloodwork Start putting aside some baby budget Start applying nourishing oils & lotions MONTH 4 Start creating a baby registry list Start planning a shower or virtual shower Start looking for a doula option MONTH 5 Started looking into birthing class options Narrow down all baby registry items Plan a baby moon trip, getaway or staycay MONTH 6 Get your teeth cleaned Finalize registry and baby essentials Finalize baby shower details Send shower invites Start organizing the home/nursery MONTH 7 Throw your shower Get TDAP vaccine if you opt for it Start drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea Start prepping for the 4th trimester MONTH 8 Take the baby moon trip or staycay Buy the remaining products needed Start packing the hospital bag Install the infant car seat Take birthing classes Research, interview & select pediatrician Train your mind for birth Create a birth plan Create your postpartum plan MONTH 9 Wash all baby clothes Organize baby dresser Finalize hospital bag Get contraction app Search for a lactation consultant for backup Relax and slow down The full PRINTABLE list click here!


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