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Our Way Of Splitting Finances As A Couple

There's absolutely no one-way of doing things when it comes to finances as a couple. There are countless of options. But this is what we do, and what works for us!

We've always been very 50/50 both with house chores and with finances, but we also don't like to stress about who does what or who's turn it is. So what we do, is divide and conquer. I have certain things that I take care of and he has his own. Which means if it's not done, we know who is slacking!


Home things (cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, toiletries, etc)

Everything for Sofia




Car rentals

Car insurences

Family health insurances

And some home bills are on my name, and some on his name.

Then we take turns with things like

Food checks when we are out and about

Entertainment tickets

Food delivery

Without fighting about who's turn it is I simply sometimes pick up the check, sometimes he does.

We have never counted, but I think it comes down to a very equal percentage.

Finally, we also take care of our individual expenses (I do my own, he does his own):

Car payments

Personal treats

Pampering treats

Beauty products





Phone bills

Technology (new computer, phone, ipad...)


Why don't we have a shared account?

1. Because we both have businesses and a lot of those individual expenses are business deductible. So we love to keep that separate and under one business account.

2. Because we both think that, we work hard for our money, and if we choose to pamper ourselves or buy a nicer car or a nice purse, as a reward for our hard work, that should come out of our own pocket. I like the fact that I can do whatever I want with my OWN money without giving him an explanation, I don't need to ask him for approval to take money out of our joint account to do anything for my business or myself. I am responsible for my own money and this way, I won't get mad if he buys an Xbox, and he won't get mad if I get a $200 facial or buy an expensive purse.


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