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Winter Packing List For Baby

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Here are all the snow-essentials. There are items for little babies as well as for older babies who eat and toddlers. So modify accordingly to your kids age!

To carry on the plane (car):

- Baby Passport

- Enough diapers for the flight + airport time (always plan on delays)

- Wipes

- A blanket

- Change of clothes

- Burp cloths (if baby is younger)

- Carrier (to walk around airport hands-free)

- Roll of plastic bags for used poopy diapers

- Pacifiers (if baby is younger / uses them)

- Mobil Changing Pad

- Disinfecting towels

- Baby Tylenol

- A few toys/teething toys if needed

- A cooler bag with food/snacks

- Enough pouches* for meals (airport + flight time + time to get to hotel/home AND, plan for delays too)

- 2 to 4 bibs

- Sippy cup

- Bottled water (if flying buy in airport)

- Formula/bottles if you are not breastfeeding like me

- Snacks

- You can buy a couple fresh foods at the airport like bananas which are easy

* Food in pouches is easier to eat from on the go, and make way less of a mess. I personally buy reusable empty pouches to add my own home-made food.

To check-in bag:

- Leggings

- Pants (if it's very cold I do pants over leggings)

- Waterproof pants (if you plan to have baby play on snow)

- Tshirts

- Body suits so her belly never shows under sweaters) - Sweaters - A thick water proof coat

- Gloves/mittens

- A hat that covers the ears

- Shoes she can walk in and not get wet - Thicker socks

- Socks - Scarf for older kids

- Hairbands / bows

- Baby brush

- PJs

- Baby Sunscreen (6m +)

- Extra bibs

- Extra burp cloths (younger baby)

- A thicker blanket (for stroller/car seat)

- Thermometer

- Nail filer

- Nasal aspirator

- Car seat cover (younger baby)

- Teething toys

- Small Easy to Travel with Toys (books, etc)

- Baby shampoo/wash

- Diaper cream

- 2-3 Plates

- Spoons

- More Bibs (especially if you are not planning on washing)

- Empty pouches (if you plan to cook homemade purées while traveling)

- Mini babycook (if you are planning on cooking and are gone for longer)

- Big cover up bib (full body) for restaurant outings

- Extra sippy cups (easy to loose)

- Snack cup

- Diapers

- Baby monitor (if you are in a rental place or airbnb)

- Sound machine

- Cabin shoes

Get there if possible (I recommend renting):

- Diapers & Wipes (esp if you are gone long, so you don’t have to bring that many as they take up space)

- Stroller (rent or bring on plane)

- Car seat (rent a car with a car seat or pre book private transportation wugh car seats)

- Bassinet (best option would be to stay at a hotel that provides you with one)

As for the stroller:

Going to a snow location w one is pointless for us personally as we don’t do much walking - all the walking we do is doable w the carrier and she is cozier bundled up there - but if you have to bring one I recommend bringing a travel stroller so it’s more manageable at the airport and when traveling. But we personally rather not carry so much when traveling and have never missed having one on the snow! Unless your kid is older and heavier, then yes, id bring a travel stroller!


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