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Sofia’s 4th Birthday: Mermaid Princess Theme. All items linked.

This year Sofia was obsessed with mermaids so we threw a Mermaid-princess birthday party. Her first party ever!

It was THE BEST.

In this post I’m linking everything that I bought so if you are planning on a mermaid-theme party, take advantage.

And here is what the girls did in case you want ideas:

  • They put pink robes on

  • Kickstarted the party with a bubbly cheers

  • They got their nontoxic manicures and makeup done

  • They choose & put on their fav princess dresses

  • They met Ariel

  • Ariel red her Little Mermaid book

  • Ariel sang her Little Mermaid songs and danced with them

  • They had a tea party

  • They had mermaid cupcakes

  • And ended up with a big dance party


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