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Support Your Immune System While Traveling

It's always important to support the whole family’s immune system, especially while traveling.

How? Focusing on good nutrition is #1! Food high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc!

Here are the TOP foods to support our immune system. So make sure you include them during your travels, for parents AND babies/kids!

Spinach Yogurt Turmeric Broccoli Sweet potatoes Almonds Apples Oily fish Nuts Blueberry Eggs Grapefruit Orange Lemon Kefir Miso Dark chocolate Raspberry Garlic Peppers Ginger Tangerines Mandarins

Daily pressed juices (for the whole fam) especially before, during and after traveling is a great way to up the intake of the above!

Two additional things you can do to boost the immune system?

1. For mom: make sure you take a great, clean vitamin supplement to fill in the gaps in your diet, just to be sure.

2. For baby/toddler: breastmilk is THE best way to make sure their immune system is as strong as it can be during travels.

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