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What I Do On Weekends

WEEKENDS. Although I like to be productive on weekends too. I also like to have them feel like “weekends”. This is how I do it.

I usually only make TWO plans (1 social meeting with a friend, and 1 family activity, which both take the most time). Everything else, I go with the flow, however and whenever I feel like doing something, without a set schedule, and always trying to do a bit of everything of the below

1. Me time. I’m always with Sofia. So i make sure I get time alone. 1h at gym, I get my nails done, or a massage.

2. Work. I do have to work on the weekends but it’s definitely different = emails & calls aren’t coming in (as much), and there are no meetings. So I focus on anything I can do to advance, like writing newsletters & press releases, writing clients social media captions and planning their weekly content, for example.

3. Hubby time. Once Sofia goes to bed on weekdays we do work a majority of the time. So on weekends we enjoy the nights together, alone.

4. I plan the week. I love to start the week organized to be productive.

5. I schedule the groceries for the week so i don’t have to worry about that all week. I use a delivery service Milk & Eggs so I don’t have to go to the store either. Ordering online is WAY quicker, and I can schedule the exact day that I want them to be delivered. Plus, I not only save time, but money too: cutting third parties and being delivered straight from the farms / source = cheaper and fresher! You can use my code lauragimbert for extra $ to spend & free delivery!

6. Laundry. Damn laundry! But it needs to get done and weekends are when we choose to do it. It’s annoying but it feels good to start the week with all the clothes clean and up!

7. Relax. YES, there are days where I want to do absolutely nothing. And if I do feel like that (body asking me to do nothing) then I do just that! It’s ok to be completely unproductive one day, you’ll be more productive tomorrow!


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