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10/11 Month Schedule Update

Sofia schedule has shifted again, I want to update you on her schedule. I would say this has been happening for a month, so this schedule applied to her from 10 months up, and I think that it will stay pretty similar until she shits from two naps into one.

On the schedule below, you not only will be able to see her activity chart, but also how I work around it and how I plan my day.

Here are the main changes:

- She still takes two naps but they are even shorter. They are now an hour each. This will eventually transition into one (longer) nap.

- Boob feedings are less (3 instead of 4) because she is eating more quantity of solids each feeding. The boob will transition to 2 feedings only (morning and night) when she grows a bit more.

- She is now super active (crawls, cruises, stands...) and I baby proofed the office so she can explore it all, which makes computer time slightly longer when she is awake (which makes up for the shorter naps!) although I still have to go back to the computer when she goes to bed at 7pm.

- She is now more independent playing too, but that does not mean I always let her play alone (she also wants my attention) so I set aside time where I do play fully with her, focusing 100% on her, and other time where I let her play independently and I work next to her on phone/ipad, or at the office on the computer.

- Also keep in mind, this is the general schedule. OF COURSE there are days where she cant seem to nap and pushes it late, or days where she wakes earlier. But that does not happen regularly. The days where she is off, I wing it. Being open minded is key.

- The daily outing continues to save my day. It gives both of us a break and fresh air. It can either be work meeting or social meeting (usually I do 3 work meetings and 2 friend meetings during the 5 week days). And I like to schedule it at 12 best (leave the house by 11:30ish) because this way it breaks my day nicely since I go to the gym at 5 as another break. Working + being with Sofia ALL DAY does not seem like THAT much with these two breaks! Even if they are work breaks!

- Of course sometimes I have additional meetings or coaching sessions, or conference calls, so I need to have my husband or assistant be home to play with Sofia. But that is not on a regular basis either. Overall, day to day, the below applies.

- And FYI: yes, she goes to bed at 7ish and wakes at 7 (sharp) but that does not mean she sleeps through the night. She soothes herself when she wakes, and she does not need milk. But she still wakes pretty often (days where she wakes 3 times and days where she wakes every 20min). I can't do anything about it, that is how she is, she does not need me when she wakes, but she is so loud she does wake me, and goes back to sleep. But she does wake up, and wakes me up. You are not alone if this happens to you too.

You can also see her 6 month schedule here (which I started applying when she was 4.5m, although it took her those 6 weeks to get to do it perfectly)

And you can also see her 8 month schedule here.


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