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12 Things You May Not Know About Us!

🤍 Nathan cleans more than Laura

🤍 The main reason why we fight is because Nathan cleans more than Laura (But hey I nurse, and do other things he can’t do)

🤍 Nathan loves to eat more junk food than Laura, and is the only one with a sweet tooth

🤍 We are both fitness lovers, we met at the gym and pre-babies, our fav thing to do was going to the gym together and we can’t wait to do it again one day, in 10 years lol

🤍 Laura takes more risks and is less afraid of change and new beginnings, as long as that’s what the soul asks for

🤍 Laura is the planner of the household, kids life & trips. Nathan usually has no clue where he is even going until we get on the plane

🤍 Nathan is the wild parent who’s more actively playing with the kids nonstop. Laura is the nurturer & snuggle parent

🤍 Nathan can talk to walls. He talks to everyone wherever we go and always makes new friends. Laura is social, but no one is more outgoing than Nathan

🤍 Nathan comes from a family of 5 siblings and Laura only has one brother. We both would like more kids, although Nathan would like more, since he doesn’t need to do any of the baby growing work

🤍 Laura has 9 tattoos, Nathan has 3. Neither are done.

🤍 Neither were great students. But Nathan skipped school as much as he could, never studied, never took books home just played sports & had fun. Laura did the bare minimum to pass, because she wasn’t passionate about any of the school subjects. But memorized, passed, and moved on!

🤍 Laura will never apologize first. And rarely loses any arguments


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