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14 Mindset Shifts That Improved My Life

1. Shift from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this"

2. Don't wait for the right time and take action today

3. Life isn't a destination, it's a journey

4. See challenges as lessons to learn and reroute

5. It's never too late to begin something new

6. It doesn't need to be perfect, but get it done

7. If others can, so can I

8. Shift from "I can't do this" to "How can I do this?"

9. From "I can't rest until I make it" to "I can celebrate and treat myself along the way"

10. Remember things are happening FOR me

11. From "I am not good enough yet" to "I am ready to begin"

12. Don't focus on the worst that could happen, but in the best

13. I don't have to fit in, I can be myself

14. The grass is always greener where I water it

They helped me from the very early days of coming to LA on my own in my early 20s and starting my own business when no one else believed in me.

✨They encouraged me to start, instead of waiting for the perfect time or being "fully ready" to begin.

✨They allowed me to just get things done and not obsess with an unachievable perfection.

✨They kept me going after failing, knowing I was learning lessons and growing stronger and better from it.

✨They allowed me to see the good from re-routing my path and strategies after some failed.

✨They helped me see the potential I had to win, instead of focusing on what I had to loose.

✨They helped me find motivation in others to help me grow, instead of feeling threatened or jealous.

But they also helped me since the early days of having kids.

⚡️They allowed me to always find a way to make things work as a mompreneur, versus drowning on the I can't do this and focus on the HOW can I do this instead.

⚡️To start working less, and making more, by allowing to rest and disconnect from work, to be with my kids.

⚡️To fill up my cup, to feel extra empowered and help others and be the best version of myself for my kids.

⚡️To be myself and create my own ways, allowing me to find a very natural and stress-free way of mothering that comes easily to me.

⚡️To not focus on being the victim and think I have it hardest mothering all alone, but instead focus on what I have created in my life that allows me to enjoy mothering on my own!

And overall, it's has allowed me to live with gratitude from every small step and every little moment in life, allowing me to enjoy the journey without obsessing about the destination.

It's changed my perspective on how I get to choose the life I live and understand of the power that's in me to create and to live in my own terms, despite what everyone else around me thinks.

Save for later & improve your life too


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