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2 Habits I Struggle With

Habits take 30 days of consistency to adapt. But some habits are just harder.

The two that I struggle with the most (and honestly always have, which is why they always seem like a chore more than a habit) are the following.

1. WATER. Yes as simple as it sounds, drinking water seems like a chore to me. I have to make sure I even remember to do it more often, set alarms, write it down, and make it more fun with lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, orange slices and such. It's crazy how such an easy and simple necessity can seem so hard. Even through pregnancy, even in the summer, even while I am (still) breastfeeding, and even working out daily, it feels like drinking water is always a chore. It's something I have to work on every single day!

2. EARLY BED TIME. This one has always been tough for me too, not because I like to go out (on the contrary, I love to stay home) but I always seem to have something to do (work to finish, grocery shopping online, get the next day ready, or simply unwind for a change). And of course, having Sofia makes it even harder since I typically always have to finish something at night. Even while delegating a bunch more. It’s now more than ever when going to bed earlier is a necessity too, since i can never sleep in with Sofia. My goal is to be in bed by 10:30 which is accomplished 2/7 days of the week and typically end up going at 11:30 on average: I am close to my goal, but damn, it's hard to make it a daily!

Remember you can download the free habit tracker here.


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