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Added Some Backyard Fun (+Discount!)

This has been by far THE BEST ADDITION to our backyard. I always knew I wanted to add a play area in our yard, but I took my time because I wanted to make sure it was the right one. I wanted something compact, to ensure we still had enough space for lounging and running, but I also wanted something that could provide them with long fulfilled entertainment! The Echo Heights by Backyard Discovery is just perfect plus, made with 100% real wood, an indoor play kitchen inside, large open windows for visibility, tested to meet safety standards, and let’s not forget how gorgeous it is! I used their virtual technology to view the product in my space before pulling the trigger, to ensure that it fit right, so helpful. It’s truly the right one for us. They have been playing there for SO long everyday, whether it’s alone, together as siblings, or with friends, they have been using their imagination in so many ways, and have been having fun being extra active too. I love being in the kitchen prepping dinner, or sitting having a kombucha while I watch them play. It’s truly a priceless feeling 🥹 If you have been meaning to add a play area in your yard too, they extended me a discount code: LAURAGIMBERT15 is going to give you a discount of ANY of their products through November 30th! They have some of the most gorgeous and great priced options including playhouses, swing sets, swing sets, and more. Truly a perfect gift for the holidays, and a great investment for years to come.


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