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Adding Probiotics to Your Diet

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Adding probiotics to your daily diet is so important, as they are in charge of changing the microbial population from bad to good.

And it's even more important while pregnant, as they help conquer infections long before your baby is born, making the baby's inner ecosystem stronger, for a super healthy baby from day one.

Fermented or probiotic FOODS are WAY more potent than supplements, so I make sure I intake at least one of the following in my daily diet:

- Kefir (plain)

- Yogurt (plain)

- Tempeh

- Kombucha *

- Collagen with probiotics (also good for hair, skin and nails)

* See all other reasons why I drink Kombucha here.

And my favorite pre + probiotic pill that I take daily is by SEED (code LAURA15 gets you 15% off)


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