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Baby Beach Vacay Tricks & Things To Consider

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

These are things to keep in mind and some tricks, to create your own beach vacation baby schedule and do everything more comfortably:

1. Be flexible: Adjust your expectations, your idea of relaxing may be not so relaxing, and your idea of "beach day" may be "beach hour". Accepting this helps enjoy! You can read my "How to relax with a baby" post for more.

2. Bring a huge beach bag (not a diaper bag) and carry the essentials (even if you don't leave the resort) so you don't have to go back to the room so often. Remember, teething toys, snacks, water, hat, sunscreens, etc.

3. But, try to get a room close to the beach & pool area, will make life easier and depending where you are you could even bring a baby monitor for naps. We had one far away and even if it was for a tiny thing we forgot, going back meant a 20min trip.

4. Have the baby take all naps in the room, or only one out of the room (and always consider the weather: if it's hot, even if it's shady, it's not good for the baby). Sofia only took one nap by the beach and it was the first nap of the day, at 9am, when it was still not hot and that day was super breezy, a cool breeze that is.

5. Change swim diaper as soon as you are out of the water, even if you only used it for 10min.

6. If you are not in a resort, bring a pop up tent or umbrella, a small inflatable pool, towels, cooler... And this is one of the reasons why I enjoyed staying at a resort, you have it all there :)

7. A water bottle spray with ice and water to keep cool also helped!

8. Bath the baby with apple cider vinegar at the end of the day, before bedtime, to sooth the skin from the sun.

9. Keep the sun screen in the cooler to also cool off baby's temperature when you apply.

10. Keep sun-time brief. If baby is at the pool or ocean/sea, make sure it isn't too long. And also keep the overall outdoors time during sun's peak hours (12-3p) short. Take breaks indoors (have lunch, or go take a nap).

11. So mom & dad can relax alone, you can take turns indoors. One of us worked while she napped in the room, while the other tanned by the pool, went to the gym or got a massage.

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