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Baby Meal Combo Examples (10m +)

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Here are some sample combo meals with the 5 nutrient groups.

However, remember that to INTRODUCE solids with balanced meals, you have to follow the chart by my pediatric nutritionist @dra.mafergastropedia that you can find here, so that there’s only ONE new food every three days!

The following meals all follow the same order: cereal, protein, healthy fat, fruit, veggie. - Oatmeal, black beans, avocado, banana, broccoli - Sweet potato, eggs, peanut butter, strawberry, carrot - Rice, salmon, olive oil, pineapple, kale - Potato, beef, coconut oil, pear, beet - Wheat cereal, cod, almond butter, orange, tomato - Pasta, chickpea, chia seed, pumpkin, cucumber

🥑 Remember all my tips and info (portions, how to rotate, why they should try each food individually and at least 9 times, how and why I am introducing each food mixing peaces & puree...) all tips here.


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