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Baby Solids: Menus week 5 - 8

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

For previews weeks menu, week by week, click here

Remember to start making thicker purée textures as weeks go by so now, there should be some chunks!

By this point there will almost be more finger foods than puree, or 50/50.

If you haven’t watched my interview with my pediatric nutritionist watch it here, so worth it!

And remember, this is MY plan, you can always adapt it to you or book an appointment with my pediatric nutritionist for a personalized plan for you, always the best option. Contact her here.

Foods Week 5

Pear: easy to do as ginger good steamed or as purée.

Almond Butter: given three consecutive days with no new food because its an allergen. This food can’t be given on it’s own so top it off on another of the 4 groups (only time you should mix) like the pear for example!

Potato: easy to do as purée or finger food steamed!

White Bean: I purée it directly with water, leave it thick!

Portobello Mushroom: I steam it then purée it and leave it thick now too.

Foods Week 6

Cantaloupe: mature as is or puree with thick texture

Coconut oil: top on another of the 4 foods like potato or white bean

Corn: steam well and give in pieces or purée with thick texture

Hake: allergen fish so give three days straight, cook well and shred pieces

Cauliflower: I steam very well and give in pieces but you can also purée and leave thick texture

Foods Week 7

Orange: cut in big slices and give as is

Macadamia Nut: It’s an allergen so give three days straight with no new foods. You can give on top of another food or, in a small self feeding spoon just make sure to give water after since it’s very thick texture.

Barley: I purée since it may be a little small and hard now

Lentils: steam well and give as is or puree thick

Mushroom: puree thick

Foods Week 8

Pineapple: Easy to give as a finger food.

Chia Seed: High in fiber which is great to combine with the next food group, rice. You can give it both whole (better source of fiber) and grounded (where the healthy fat will be absorbed better) so do one meal each different way. Add to the pineapple (it sticks) or to the plain yogurt (when you introduce it, in 2 days).

Rice: This food definitely constipates so have the Constipation Support handy (I try to prevent by giving a little of it with each meal of rice and works great, remember code LAURA15 for a 15% off, its all organic, nonGMO, no preservatives). You won't need much because we are combining the other foods that are high in fiber + water content, but it def helps, and remember to also give water through the day!

Sugar Free Plain Yogurt: A potential allergenic so we introduce it three days with no new foods. You can add the chia seeds to this food now too!

Cucumber: Love to give sticks, easy to hand-hold and feed. Also a good food to go with rice since its high in water content and will help constipation.


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